Thursday, December 16, 2010

PU Er Tea special limited

A Pu Er gift set from guangzhou nephew for Chinese New year 2011 delivery to me by hand, together with 2 roll of xo pu er and special 2 tin chrysanthemum.
This Pu Er production in 2007 March 26 only 1thousand 1 hundred 20 sets only already I could get the aroma if after another 10 yrs Iam sure the taste will Best.. but can I last for another 10 years!!!
Never mind since my 2nd grandson 7 yrs old n grand daughter 5 yrs like to drink tea and also very selective tea not up to standard just one cup but good tea 3 cups above.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cameron Highland tea House

If you miss visiting any tea house and tea plantation during stay at Cameron Highland, there is this Bharat tea house on the way back to K.L.
It is located between Tringkap n Kuala Terta on the left side of the road, quite easy to notice plenty of signboards you can't miss.
Just behind and next to the tea house is the tea plantation on the hill slope, visitors just like to walk to the top about 15 minutes before coming down to the tea house for a cup of teh tarik or Masala tea with curry puff n cakes etc.
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