Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FU Kooi HuLu Puer Tea

This limited 2000 peices worldwide 2010 August HULU shape puer tea raw, will be on display in my house during the Chinese New Year only.

After Chinese New Year I will store it away to avoid light etc, it is very aromatic therefore I must store properly so that I could enjoy the good fermentation after years...

Hulu is a good Feng Shui item to display in the house to chae out evils and bring in Prosperity , Luck into the house..One of the Eight Immortals Li Tie Guai carry a HuLu that he uses to suck evil spirit etc inside...there are many hulu decoration items for sales during Chinese new Year. 

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Xiaguan Commemorative Toucha 1902

The technic of producing toucha start during the Tea Horse Route where the transportation of tea tea are by horse, camel n waterways etc..going through very harsh climate, clod, hot, raining seasons, as such thye tea are spoilt before reaching its destinations..

Toucha shape n technic develope n use over hundred years enbale it with stand such harsh weather till it reaches it final destinations, therefore become famous n lvoe by tea mercahtns during the ming dynasty...this special commemorative green box, purple words wrapper was prdouce for the offcial recogniseation by the China government in 1902 but it takes till 2012 May to produce..

Taste good, therefore after few years I think the taste will better, better...

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Lao Char tea tasting room.

Lao char tea test tasting room  inside inner portion of the shop, spacious with comfortable arm chair to relax for tea tasting beside friendly Cody..


Red mark Xiaguan toucha, I like to come again just to taste this..


This mushroom in wooden box taste good enough for me but no stock yet, most likely can't get it according to Cody..

 Below mooncake tea,doesn't look like moon cake at all, just like any tea in round container, maybe next mooncake festival 2013, they colobrate with mmon cake manufacturers to produce a monn cakes with Xiaguan tea as main ingredient.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Xiaguan Toucha (Special)

Xiaguan special toucha are most popular in China as a gift but I am not sure whether such high price product being popular, as you can only such tea gift to some one who is known to you that he is a puer tea drinker..


Wow this 7 packs cost me RM1580, but how to buy lah when there is no tasting, actually my motto of no tasting no buy do save me from spending more.. 

Only 5 toucha each weight 250 gms..about RM333 per toucha..


12 boxs for RM250 this is within my pocket..

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Xiaguan Toucha 2011

2011 Xiaguan toucha this toucha in green box quite popular, most of the tea shops do sell this product.

The color of the toucha bright under stonger light, however darker when under shade, taste wise mild but adding extra amont when brewing will produce a stonger taste for those puer tea veteran who like a stong thick taste..

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Xiaguan Toucha 2007

This 400 gms brick produce in 2007, year of the Golden Pig, going to be 5 years now, the taste smooth, color clear those who bought this Commemorative year brick should be happy about it..


it is still not too late for those who hven't ge tit, as there are still some stock left at Lao Char tea trding the GSA for Xiaguan toucha tea company.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chinese New Year tea hamper

Lao Char tea trading tea hampers for the coming Chinese New Year in Febrary 10& 11th, there are four choices for your selection.

You can also select your own puer tea cakes n xiagaun toucha etc and Lao char staff will do the packing of the hamper for you...


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Monday, January 14, 2013

Lao Char Tea Trading.

Once we step inside the shop, the aroma of the tea so strong n nice to smell after about 45 minutes on the road through Sunday quite heavy traffic...
The aroma of the tea mainly due to the well ventilation, correct temperature, ligthing in the shop etc that permit all tea display to under natural fermentation on the self...


There are quite a variety of ripe n raw puer tea for your selection beside the toucha,
however my 2 hrs visit only permit me to concentrate on Toucha series, as the shop not open on Sunday but the mangement team Cody Tan n Heng willing to just open for our visit.


to test taste other brands beside xiaguan toucha, we need to visit again, maybe after Chinese New year.

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