Monday, March 11, 2013

BD dim sum 0903.

Invited my puer tea frens for my BDay dim sum lunch but only David n Shou Kong free to join, they ended up paying the bills...

I bring along 1 kg ripe puer 2003 for this lunch, this is a good semi fermentation ripe after more than 10 yrs the taste strong with herb aroma..

However my grew was not able to draw out the aroma n taste due to the hotwater above from the hot water dispencer ceramic jar well below boiling point due ithe lunch crowd and just too many using it and cannot produce fast enough hot boiling water that require for ripe puer tea..however Endrew the rest owner lent us use a spirit burner kettle to get hot water.. so out problem was solve, next time we need to come with our own electric kettle..

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RAW + RIPE Puer tea= GOOD

Last few days just too hot and yesterday afternoon deciding that I wanted my puer tea broth to be strong n yet smooth with after taste "kum" to for tea time..

I already test tasted a few time this bao hong raw 2012 blending with ripe puer tea and found that it is most suitable to get a special taste where raw can't produce..regret last0 year hould have buy 1 carton (7 stacks) instead of just 2 stacks, with price increase now..on paper could have gain thousand over for just 1 carton..

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Xiaguan Toucha commemorative 2013

Xiaguan only started to produce Zodiac commemorative puer toucha in 2010 year of the Pig, for 2012 Xiaguanproduces 3 type the toucha, brcik and beeng for the dragon year, this year it is the same 3 varieties...

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2013 Snake Year Toucha

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Golden Thread Xiaguan Toucha

This Golden thread Xiaguan toucha "Jinsido" no available on any tea shops, it is now a toucha for the xiaguan toucha collectors..

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