Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nang ku Xiang puer

This a raw puer uisng big trees tea leaves limited to 2680 pieces, as such big trees old are limited an can't produce more leaves to go for mass production etc.

it is new raw puer using 2007 tea leaves, the taste very smoky and strong it is best to brew this to drink after brewing n drinker other type of puer tea, otherwise all other puer tea after become tasteless..

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LooSI raw puer

This LooSi raw puer come a remote hamlet in the inner mountainous tea region of Yunan, this tea merchant quite different from other tea merchant. He will spend about 4-6 months per year travelling to such far remote tea region villages to search for rare tea that are not cultivated in big tea estates.

Hence if he ever come across any such good puer tea tees, he will stay to end sure his purchase fully done according. Such small tea estate does not produce many thousands kgs of good tea leaves, for this the total production only 2520 akes of grren puer at 400 gms each

Loosi is the name of a small old ancient hamlet surrounded by mountain with villages panted small volume of tea trees, this puer tea was name after the hamlet. it is only 800 meters by 538 meters the road in make by stone.
I consider this is a master piece of ripe puer due very aromatic taste even it is just a few months and taste very smooth.
Therefore for those interested in investment drinking for the future , this the best choice, provided it is available by now.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gold award Gong Ting Puer

My order of 6 boxes of the winning the gold award ripe puer tea at the 2007 April 15th, Summit of the China Puer Tea Strategic League Forum, finally arrived in one carton.

One carton contain 6 boxes with 7 pieces, just wonder why it took such a longtime to arrived, maybe after winning the gold award it take time to manufacture, printing the certificate, wrappping paper etc. In additon by sea freight sure cheaper by air freight. All 5 boxes sold out, still not sure whether I should let go the last box or keep it to myself but I can't brew n drink alone.
Moon cake festival sure this going to a good gift instead of gining moon cake, so common..

Below 3 cartons of the Asia Game 2010 Gunagzhou Commenorative raw puer good for future drinking investment etc, total 30 pieces, all sold out, my tea drinker frens will come to my house to collect this weekend or face delivery charges RM50 and one foc lunch.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Asia Game 2010 Commemorative Puerh

Asia Game 2010 Commemorative Puerh tea was the top selling puerh tea during the recent Tea Art & Cutural Expo 2011. i got attractive to this puerh tea not becos of the colorful beautiful design box and hand carry paper bag but by the aromatic smell when opening the box.

Weigh 357 gm, production date 10.10.10 , it was still not avaliable during the Asia Game that why some my frens couldn't get it when they will in Guangzhou during the AG 2010, selling at RM99 only at the Tea Expo, the last day of the tea expo the price gone up to RM110-125 and it was all gone....come with a certificate with Asia Game logo officualy santion by the Asia Game Sport Council etc.

This commemorative puerh is much far better than the Olympic Beijing game 2008. Those who miss this collection should try to ask their puerh frens to let go one peice but the
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gold award Gong Ding Puer

I consider this gold award winner puer is a good buy to drink and as gift during the comming Moon Cake Festival next month mid September. I found this puer most suitable for drinking when eating the sweet moon cakes etc.
when I brew this at the recent Valley restarant for the group, I receive a total of 3-5 stacks of this gold award puer...

I use my new Zhu Nee clay tea pot to brew drinking at least 4 cups, when Annie shouted to me from the kitchen pizza ready do want a piece. Yes a piece of hot pizza straight from the oven was for me to eat, my surprise was somehow the tea taste much better with a different of aroma created when eating homemade pizza with 5 type of cheese..

Tea leaves color etc after is ripe or half ripe puerh... if half ripe that mean keeping it a few more years the taste na roma will be better n better after more undergoing natural fermentation.

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Gold Award 007 ripe puerh

Golden award winner for ripe puerh at the Summit of China Puer Tea Strategic League Forum 2007

The name of the golden award ( Kong Ming category) a certificate inside the wrapper .

It is never easy to win any award in the China puer strategic competition due to numerous entries and tough panel of judges.
My expection that it is going to be good YES when brew to taste it just wihtin an hour getting it my fellow tea drinker frens also agreed with me when I bring for the group to taste on the 6th August at Valley Resort restaurant,

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Monday, August 8, 2011

1980s Liu Bao Cha

Sorry for my earlier posting of the 80s Liu Bao actually it is the 30s Liu Bao Cha due clicking the wrong photos, after psoting I realise my mistakes. Now the real 80s Liu bao chat tea leaves before brewing.

Tea broth under the strong light reveal it true transparent color so nice n beautiful n below tea broth photos taken under with out light just hose light coming from outside.

Taste wise it is very good even thought does npt give u the strong kick effect like 30s vintage liu bao but the age n price between the two 10 time RM1500 per kg vs rm10 k per kg.Worthy to buy and drink the best so far base on the same 20 old yrs type of liu bao u just wanted to drink none stop untill the last brew produce taste that was too blant.

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1980s Liu bao Cha

this is another good 20 over yrs old liu bao cha, tea broth color in glass pitcher, very tranparent.

He is 8 yrs old but a good tea taste master already, he can only tell good or very good one more cup n one cup..

If not up to his standard one cup sudah OK. no more second cup he going to be in my successor plan for my tea collection etc

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vintage Liu Bao Cha

1930s liu bao cha after 6 brew, the color like the early morning sunrise, providing a different taste smooth, refreshing not with a strong kum etc.

Store in double glass pitcher the color darker due to double layer glass that keep it warm..

before brew the liu bao tea leaves dry doesn't look attractive from the eye of non tea drinker, but after brewing wet and juicy so much different in form and look, this is the beauti of natural fermentation where the tea leaves does not rot even after 70 over years.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

1930s Vintage Liu Bao Cha

1930s vintage Liu Bao Cha was handle to me last sunday morning 3st july, so surprise it is from an Ipoh puerh freind deliver to me by puerh Robert right to my house. I can't even wait for another second, immeadiately boil mineral water getting ready to taste this over 70 years liu bao cha..

Using boiling points hot hot water with a chawan , I brew about 8 times each time give me 2 cups, first 2 cups i just try to let it stay as long as possible in my mouth enjoying the aroma n kum taste slowly let it sip down my the 3rd cup i can't hold it any longer than a 30 second it was just too beautiful, smooth to drink quickly...

after 6 cups the real effect like drinking red wine with 5% alcohol started, I could feel my body heat up n my heart pumping like a young man...Aaaha so lovely such a long time I didn't get such good feeling as i stop drinking wine n liquor for so long..

vintage liu bao cha tea leaves after the 10 brew the look before was dry after brewing wet with an attraction for u to eat it.. Yes i did eat it a spoon of it taste good the rest use to season a new huang loong shan zhu clay tea pot.
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