Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2007 Horse Puer Tea

This 2007 raw puer use Old Trees  produce by Mr Ma puer tea company it is not available here, balance only a few tong as such for thier own drinking pleasure and for customers and close frens..


frangrance with light gold tea broth very pleasing n refreshing taste that you want to drink a few more cups..

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pu Yuan Cha Ye

Yesterday 4th January 2014, Mr Ma took us to is office to test taste some of his puer tea products produce in his own tea factory in Puer tea town Yunnan.

we can taste but can't buy as the raw puer produce by his company are all sold out in Hong Kong and other Asia nations..

This 2001 sweet with deep huigan and strong chaqi as compare some other older type in 2007,08...

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tian Ti Ren Her 2001

This commemorative 3000 kgs raw puer 2001 limited to 1000 cakes only was purchased from Robert by Ms Margaret in 2011, when our group went to Robert House for tasting some of his puer collection etc..the taste attracted 2 from group to ask Robert whether he can spare 2 boxs since in his collection there  are a few boxes...it was a great honour for me to be given the hard task of breaking this master piece on 010114 New Yea Day at her house

I need to use 2 picks one shape and thin and the other solid and tough in order to break it with damaging other part of the round cakes,to get 300 over gms for our whole afternoon re tasting..

This master piece base on the tea leave front and back , i figure the combination of using Lao Qioa Mu old trees leaves should be in the ratio of 70 pecent for the front portion and 30% using ther grade 1 tea leaves...


The taste was  not aggressive both in the huigan and chaqi bt it was smooth and refreshing to drink in the aftenoon, espcially eating Hakka pork n vinegar pork knuckle....On the second try I brew it longer surprise there wasn't any bitterness at all...still sweet but a stronger. Just wonderful to start the Horse year brewing and drinking this 2001 puer tea.

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