Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grand children drink tea

4 yrs old Bei Yin when at my house even not drink any tea that I brew that I below her standard but after all those dim sum she just don't bother of low grade tea any more.
Zhi yoong just drink a few cups after the dim sum, i should have bring my own tea and tea pot next time when going for dim sum.

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YUM CHA Drinking tea

The standard of good dim sum restaurants in Malaysia does not come with any good selection of Chinese tea for customers to choose including the correct method to brew Chinese tea for customer. I consider dragon dymnasty restaurant a top grade restaurant serving good dim sum but just short of give better Chinese tea 1st grade for customer, what was offer for me to select was 3 varieties of 4th grade pack tea at $6 per pack I had no choice but ot order 2 packs still the taste worse than my best grade tea after I brew for more than 7-8 times.
The waiter just put the tea inside the big ceremic pot and in go the hot water that all.
Even my grand daughter no choice after eating oily freid dim sum just drink it better better than none.
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Dim Sum

Freid Woo Kok cripsy and full of juicy meats.
Dumpling quite different in taste from Japanese dumpling this a bit meaty taste better with added vege likesring onion.
Vege steam dumpling this is good..
Fried fish ball kids favourite it is free from fishy smell.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Golden roasted carrot cake Dragon Dynasty restaurant good texture and kids love it.
Char siew bao a bit sweet as usual.
Fried dumpling it will taste better if there are more vege inside.
Fish ball again my grandchildren favourite dim sum
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Traveller Tea set

This clay traveller tea set come with 3 cups, tea tray for draining water and a clay tea pot you can carry around without breaking when pack inside the bag.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Traveller Tea Tray

This wooden tea tray suitable for tea drinker who travel frequently it is handy just open up and start brewing tea, sure you need to bring your tea along with you.

This tea tray smaller come with a sling bag easy to carry.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HAi O Pu Er tea

Beside the specvial packing PuEr tea there are few more type of PuEr tea on display but all ordinary type suitable for puer tea beginner drinkers.Keeny Chye told me if I wanted to taste their best PuEr tea I could visit Hai O HQ in Klang town..
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HAI - O Pu Er tea

Hai O a well known Chinese Traditional herbal wholesale chains retailer started to invest heavily in PuEr tea in Malaysia, I happen to see across their display of PuEr tea at the Malaysia Book fair exhibition decided to find out what hai o have to offer in PuEr tea.
All to gether Hai O produce 8 special packaging of PuEr but except the cover thePuEr is the same, therefore suitable for those who like new special packaging for collection and display.However after tasting I found it to be just normal grade I don't think if keep for another 10 yrs the tea will ever fermented to become top grade PuEr.
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