Thursday, April 25, 2013

1970s raw old puer tea

Not able to tell much about this 40 over years old puer tea due to the original wrapper already torn n could no longer be use, a new wrapper from another puer cake was use to wrap it  up.All I could share is this is another good old raw puer tea that give you the Cha Qi that most of wanted..

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


A visit to JJ Tan office last saturday enable to get the great rare opportunity to taste a cake of 30 years over old raw puer tea in his collection, just only after 3 cups I could feel my whole body warming up slowly.

Cha Qi from Xtra old raw puer tea can give the drinker an instant sort of warm feeling and goodness, like you are 30 year old younger.. 


A good yixing tea pot by a master do made alot of difference when using for brewing xtra old puer tea, using an antique tea cup give the extra push to drinking...
the tea broth give you the aroma and taste you love to go for another cup n another cup...

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

8th Puer Tea fellowship lunch

8th puer tea fellowship lunch at Yi xiang bak kut teh old Klang Road, original plan was a mediterranean lunch but the cook sick so restaurant close, all in we test tasted 3 raw puer courtesy from Terry chew..

This Asia game 2010 commemorative was purchase in 2011 Tea Expo, it was a total sold out at the Tea Expo, Robert Phua started the ball rolling buying half cake from the tea merchant for test tasting,as there was no test tasting for this tea.
The taste was good, so I think all in our group purchase 5 cartons( 50 cakes).

The score of time was 8 out of 10 and for long lasting about 11 brew it is no 1.
, even the 9-11 brew the taste become lighter not suitable for me but to the new puer drinker it is consider good.


Our 2nd test taste was this Zen tea purchas ein Guangzhou 2011, the taste score 9 out of 10, however good for about 5 brew but out the 3 puer tea this is the best.
David busy with the brewing whereas Terry watching the color of the tea broth..


3rd test taste puer tea 2007 loose tea leaves from YiWu mountain but compress in 2011, the taste currently score 5 out of 10 this time but show great potential if wait for a few years more..


5 of us take part in this bkt lunch and puer test tasting comparision, our lunch and puer tea drinking lasted for 2 hours the prices of bak kut teh increase by 25% now.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Friday, April 5, 2013

Puer Tea Merchant brand name.

During my 2011 test tasting, this was one of the few puer tea merchant own creation raw puer cakes that I tasted. Now the price go up if I am not wrong in view of after 2 years the taste become much better...


The back of the puer cake  and front of the puer cake with the ticket..

tea broth color light golden,taste aromatic sweet

tea broth inside glass pitcher reveal great transparency..
tis is a good investment for future drinking for those who buy this in 2002..

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Puer Tea Merchant Tea Pot

Good to see Nice to hold once Broken consider SOLD, I spotted this 2 master piece tea pot in a glass cabinet decided to share it wiht veteran tea pot collectors.

I am not keen tea pot collector at all, just own a few tea pots for brewing puer tea, but however i do admire the good nice looking tea pot, it is likes looking at beautiful women..

those interested should pay a visit to puer tea merchant at endah parade mall..

This tea pot come with 2 tea cups, if i own this set, i will use it ot brew puer tea for a group of 6 drinkers above or duirng family lunch gathering..

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PU-ER Tea Merchant, Endah Parade.

Decided to re visit Puer Tea merchant yesterday 5th april to check out any new puer tea arrival etc. saw this 2001 yellow paer ripe brick and test taste together with a group of veteran puer tea drinkers.

given the opportunity based on my expereince in blending ripe n raw, i think this ripe brick could produce a unique taste when mix correctly with a raw..

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