Monday, February 18, 2013

Fenghlin Puer Tea

This clay jar contain lose ripe puer team which was produce in 2000 Feb,I was offer this loose puer for test tasting in December 2000 but didn't like the taste due just too mild for me..

However due to Chinese new year 2001 just around and price of RM15 per jar seem attractive enough to buy as CNY gift for non veteran puer tea relatives etc.

I bought 12 jars and this is the only one left, so decided on 5th day of CNY when I am alone, decided to brew it and test drink...but regreted that I didn't buy n keep a few more jars..

after 12/13 years old the color clear n tempting, taste smooth this puer tea good enough to drink and taste  good when uisng a few exta gms to brew..

the kum taste linger in your mouth longer when brew with 10 gms using a chawan and brew it longer times..

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Puer tea & Chinese new year dishes

I brew this 13 years old raw puer tea on the 2nd day of CNY when all children and grand children come for lunch..


This raw puer 13 years old so smooth, aromatic with strong taste most suitable after eating the meaty new dishes, in additional it is not too strong for the kids as it is very smoooth and they love it..

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Puer Tea for Snake Year 2013

The raw n ripe prosperous hulu puer 1.5 kg will be reserve for the year of the Horse, however the rest of the puer will be brew for my CNY guests but I will brew according to their standard and level of drinking brew puer..

Beside brewing the original puer tea, I already blended a few choice myself in which nobody have ever tasted before..this are for my puer tea drinking frens who already tasted most of my current stock except some hidden collection...


This 1 kg brick commemorative 2007 could be brew this time but still depend on my whether on that day how Happy, Happy, Happy I am...

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