Friday, July 29, 2011

SungFoong Tea House

If you are inside the tea house your feeling is I am inthe house of a good fren tasting tea...

If youare inside the tea house rstaurant your feeling is I am having lunch at my good fren house not in a restaurant.

All design and decoration at SungFoong tea house and restaurant prvide customers a homely feeling..

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Decorative Puerh Tea

Where are the missing 10 animals? all sold out long ago at SungFoong Tea House, look like there are not many puerh tea drinkers born in the year of Ox and Snake.

Chia creative wall decoration, using ripe puerh tea mounted in picture frame for hanging on the wall.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yoke kooi Cha

This table top make from a simple piece of a solid hard wood, it can accomodate up to 10 persons as it is quite long.

it is such a long time that I didn't come across this yoke kooi cha when i saw it at Sungfoong naturally as k the boss chia to brew and let our group taste, well we are not dissappointed at all.

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SungFoong Tea House No. 9-12

Feng Shui puerh decoration by handing this string of puerh tea it will bring you good luck and health, this is best hang on both side of the door entrance.

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SungFoong Tea House no 5-8

The over all view of the tea house, our party of 6 sitting around the Chia drinking a few varieties n kind of good tea.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

SungFoong Tea House no 1-4

Hand wooden craving Chinese calligraphy gold lettering SungFoong Tea House very tradintional ..

The tea house displlay of tea jars, stack of puerh tea and painting etc.

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Tea Art & Cultural Expo 2011 overall reviews

There are only 2 organizer of such tea event in Kuala Lumpur, the 1st one started in 2004 till now and the 2nd organizer only started last year. However this 2nd organizer seem to be better as there are vast improvement as compare to last year, but still a long way to be of international standard like those in China. Last trophy was pewter trophy this year was this poor qulaity trophy beside it does not live up to the name of Tea Expo. Why can't the organizer give an award trophy in the form of a tea pot od some other items related to tea Industry?

The second point, throughout the 10 days tea art cultural expo I don't seem to see any activities or performing of art cultural etc related to tea. In addition all the tea merchants only interested in selling their their tea products etc only one truly promote tea related activites for visitors to participate selecting own loseraw puerh tea and using mould provided to compress into a piece of cake, write on the wrapper your messages etc DIY puerh tea.

There was no cultural dance show etc or any other event on stage that can truly claim that it is a Tea Art Cultural Expo.

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Tea Art Cultural Expo Bird Eye's View

This the 2nd Tea Art Cultural Expo orgainzie by Multi Mutual Resource however there are only some imporvement a compare to the 1st tea expo 2010.

This time around there are 35 exihibitor/sellers taking up a total of 63 booths, mostly are local tea merchants with a few from overseas.

There are only 2 from Guangzhou Fangcun and including those a few more China tea merchants who already set up wholesaler tea shops locally.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Iron Hard Wood tea table n tray

It is call Iron wood due to very heavy n hard, below the seesd of the tree it is a s big an apple.

Beside the big heavy tea table n chairs on display are some smaller tea tray etc...

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MU YI wood tea tray

Mu YI a company specialise in hand crafted hard wood tea tray for the firt time display thier various product uisng hard wood from found only in Sarawak jungle.

Tea tray table require 2-3 person to carry so heavy...

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

RM2800 Tea Pot

Esther Chong with the great master tea pot holding one hos most expensive tea pot costing RM2,800.

Esther Chong seeking advise from uncle Robert with reference to the book on tea pot, wow she is a veteran in collecting yizing tea pot, later she bought of the four tea pot, but i miss which one as if was sent for packing etc coming with the wooden box.

She spend about Rm600 for it after getting discount from the tea pot master.

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