Thursday, October 25, 2012

BHJY tea restaurant Puer Tea

BHJY (Bao Hong Yan Kee) brand of puer tea, there a only few BHJY raw n ripe puer here, the rest are other type of brand.

Given the opportunity to test taste this limited since there is a test sample beeng,
I consider at the price it tis worth to keep for future drinking or investment etc.

As our group already drink quite alot of puer duiring our lunch, I prefer to come another time just for for test drinking, this is to ensure I am able to truly know the tea Q...

This nice metal box at RM10 per box it is a good to buy for packaging as such the puer tea look higher grade when giving a gift for fren.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cha Poem

On one side of the wall of BHJY tea retaurant are printed all the Tea ( Cha) poems in Mandarin, you will like this if you know n understand what is written.

All the poems describe the Tea Talk of various people from all walk of life, from ordinary, polictician, scholar, noble, veteran tea drinkers, farmers, tea master, lover tea talk etc...

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Cha Poem

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bao Hong Yan Jee Puer Tea

During our 1st dinner there on the 7th October, we being serve wth ripe loose puer tea 08, like any customers due it is easy to brew ripe than raw puer tea in such busy crowded restaurant.
For our 2nd visit requested raw puer 2010 BHJY from ms April . 


The foods are very good and the pricing reasonable, most important to us it is the available of good puer tea ripe /raw to go with the foods. Next time we will bring our ouwn tea xi ying tea pot for the brewing of raw puer tea etc..

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BHJY Puer Tea Restaurant

In search of a restaurant that serve good tasty foods and most important providing tea brewing facilities for veteran tea drinkers like us. We finally get to this puer tea restaurant operated by a local tea merchant, partnership with a China tea merchant.

The restaurant name after their own puer tea brand name BHJY translation to Cantonese ( Bao hong yan Jee).


the restaurant crowded with customers for lunch or dinner, therefore our first time visit dinner, we can't get totaste any BHJY puer tea, after making appointment with Ms April in charge of puer tea we finally there for lunch and puer tea tasting etc..

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012