Monday, October 31, 2011

Snowy Mountain puer tea

Wild puer trees 2011 grown on a snowy mountain, it take the tea merchant hard tracking to reach this place and get it,

Even thought it is still raw and new but the taste reveal great potential to invest this rwa for future drinking.. limited number of cakes was produce, so better hurry to get in touch with Robert...

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Friday, October 28, 2011

100 years old tea pots

Grandfather hand over to Father and now in grandson hand 3rd generation Not For Sale..

I like this mini tea pot so cute...

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

100 years old tea pots.

Any tea pot collectors need is just one look at this.. will know straight away that this are good Q old tea pots well season and taken care for years....

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Monday, October 24, 2011

100mover years old tea pots

Nice to see, lovely to hold broken cannot be sold as owner does not sell not even one of his collection..

He only use such tea pots for brewing tea for his own drinking only...

this the first time he take it our and show it to us even thought I am his customer for over 10 yrs does not know he own such old vintage tea pots...

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Tea Garden Corner

While searching for my 2 boxs of old tea pots ( those that I bought in the late 1980s) in the store, I found this stone tea tray but not the boxes tea pots, the cool moorning breeze give me the idea to place in this graden wall near the water fountain...

After an hours washing and cleaning, the idea of brewing and drinking tea here started...

I enjoy brewing tea and reading my newspaper here in the morning and having snacks... but can accomodate one more person only..

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fangcha early 1990s

Only 4 pieces of this rare 1994 Fangcha only 100 g , asking price RM250 therefore 10 g at Rm25..

our group just lucky since there are about 50g left for tasting normally the owner does not allow tasting he brew n drink himself but today he is happy mood so we get to taste this wonderful raw puer, after tasting Lai buy all 4 pieces.

This Gong Ting 100 g each left over about 8 pieces but sample for tasting I will come another time hope the owner brewing it for me to taste..hahaha maybe so if I make him happy.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

100gm rectangle brick puer raw

we are rewarded with the opportunity to taste this early 1990s mini 100 gm rectangle brcik raw puer..

each stack contain 4 pieces only left 2 stacks...but it going to cost u 1oo gm for RM100.

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1970ripe puer

Our tea went to taste this rare 1970 brick ripe puer at a traditional tea merchant shop near my house..

Just pity that the puer tea over 36 years old didn't produce that kind of taste we expected, all becuase it is too expose in ht sunlight as the shop facing the afternoon hot sun left on the shelf of the display glass cupboard..

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98 raw brcik puer

This raw brick puer tea the taste and aroma still a way to reach the level where veteran tea drinkers will consider buying it...look good nough but somehow lacking that type of taste will attract u to go for the 2nd cup..

The big snow mountain as it is name this raw puer cake 2011 will require at least a few more years for certain level fermemtation before able to give puer drinkers the urge to invest for future drinking..

This according to th tea merchant is a good raw puer as there 2 signatures coming from the puer village head where this puer tea leaves come from in addition to the 2 offcial chops to certofy its Q good.

I love this kind of imagination and creativity of the tea merchant using a stone grinder as tea tray..just wonderful idea to follow.
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