Thursday, December 31, 2009

Western Tea Master

He is from Taiwan and was one of the many speakers during the tea fair, there was a crowd at his demonstration of brewing tea and explaination etc.I wanted to inteview him after his talk but there was no oportunity as many people continue to ask him questions.
Due limited time to cover others as such all I could dowas to just get his name card.
His wedsite for more details.
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A young calligraher at the Malaysia 5th PuEr tea fair, buy RM200 above tea he will calligraph anywords you wanted.
For Rm 50 he can do it for you words of your choice.
I understand from him he will continue his study in China in 2010.
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Most of the tea exhibitors local and China at 5th Malaysia PuEr tea trade fair promote PuEr tea of various type however with a kind name given their PuEr tea, where you haven't heard of. However a rose among the thongs is Ms Wong promoting Mt Wuyi famous Da Hong Pao. I was having a good time tasting various type of Mt Wuyi tea during visit in 2002 it was here that I first tasted the Da Hong Pao and ever since it become one of my favourite tea.
Ms Wong a restaurant owner was at the booth promoting her Da Hong Pao which was of top grade. She was a very good tea brewer and I ask for her best Da Hong Pao.
She was holding her top grade of Da Hong Pao all pack in a nice beautiful tin container but only consist of 12 packages of 4 gms each work to be average Rm15 per pack. However it was truly good and long lasting brew after 5 times it was still good to the last drop and I could feel my body warming up.
The 1st grade Da Hong Pao pack in two different container, I will visit her restaurant to taste these two grade later and give my report.
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Legend Of tea

Legend of tea with HQ from Ipoh n Penang, Damansara P.J. Johore retail outlets promote their special "white needle gold lotus" buy one free one a Puer tea.
Sales staff attending to a customer.
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

80k Xi Ying Tea Pot

This special golden award winning tea pot with 16 diamonds according to the master Mr Lao Zhi from Beijing 3 different type of xiying clay was use to handcraft the tea pot price 80 thousand.
It top grade diamonds or just Russain diamond!!
He is hold a few position in the tea pot industry and also a designer and trainer etc.
Another tea pot master behind him the poster of his former golden award tea pot.
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5th Malaysia Puer tea trade fair

The 5th PUER tea trade fair was at the Mines Convention Centre together with Malaysia International Books Fair, there are about 30 exhibitors mostly local tea wholesaler/ retailer and there about 6 China exhibitors.
A master Xiying tea pot Mr. Kuo with his golden award Tea Pot that took hin 3 years to make, price at Rm18K.
Behind him are his golden award certificate and his vast choices of good quality xiying tea pots for your selection, prices range for Rm100 to a few hundred rgt per tea pot. Tea pot collectors selecting tea pots, most customers are veteran tea drinkers.
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Axain Fish ball

2 plate of fish balls for kid their favourite
1 fish ball then one cup of fragrance jasmine tea.
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Axian har mai,xiao long bao

Har Mai presentation quite different with poster taste OK however the shape not even not hand shape by master.

Xiao Long Bao was the most famous Shanghai dim sum dish now popular in Malaysia every dim sum restaurant is having this dim sum but not many can provide the taste that I get in Shanghai famous restaurant.
Juice soup it the most important at one time there only 2 dim sum restaurant with xiao long bao however as it expand with more outlets the it is not so good anymore, the one at StarHill original chief left already. axain XLB anothe copycat to me.
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I inspected Axian dim sum while waiting for Eddy family, advertisement statement attracted my attention " Orgainic Pork, No Beta Agonist, No Antibiotics" Axian should further tell where he get such good ingredients? where is organic vegetables, organic soya sauce, organic seafood all seafood from deep sea are organic not those from fish farm.
This hot water machine was the best to me, as I can brew my own tea with my tea pot,most dim sum restaurant fail to provide this hot water machine hope water being filter with the best system. There 4 machine very convenient for customers and his staffs to brew tea but this monring only one customer use this.
Har Kar my first order base on the poster.
Brew Sinkiang jasmine tea with my own tea pot it is best to go with oily dim sum, knowing quite well dim sum restaurants does use clay tea pot to brew tea but use ceremic tea pot and does not pour the first brew, first brew only to let thetea leaves open up and also to clean the tea leaves.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Shang Palace DIM SUM restaurant are operating in all Shangri La Lah hotel, the dim sum serve are 5 star standard living up to the status of the hotel. This waiter just one of the many waiters providing very friendly, good attentative services to customers. From Hong Kong to Gaungzhou all restaurants provide good selection of tea for customers. Those top rated restaurant will brew it for customer etc you don't find this any of Malaysia dim sum restaurant. If they serve tea it is 3rd grade tea and simple pour hot water into a big ceremic pot honestly you drink such tea as they will become bitter if over brew.
Char siew bao was good not too sweet and the char siew plenty for a bite.

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao there is great diffrent in taste from other copy cat, instead of putting it on paper it is in small cup, soup inside make you bite your tongue.
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Shang Palace Dim SUM Zhongshan city

Mr Lai now the restaurant manager..
Fried chicken legs steam in special XO sauce lovely to eat..I dip the lotus leaf glutinous dumpling into the XO sauce a good way to finsh Xo sauce.
Siew Mai filling was different, it is common for dim sum restaurant to use one type of fillings for othe rtype of dim sum only the shape different inside same filling.
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