Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Most of the tea exhibitors local and China at 5th Malaysia PuEr tea trade fair promote PuEr tea of various type however with a kind name given their PuEr tea, where you haven't heard of. However a rose among the thongs is Ms Wong promoting Mt Wuyi famous Da Hong Pao. I was having a good time tasting various type of Mt Wuyi tea during visit in 2002 it was here that I first tasted the Da Hong Pao and ever since it become one of my favourite tea.
Ms Wong a restaurant owner was at the booth promoting her Da Hong Pao which was of top grade. She was a very good tea brewer and I ask for her best Da Hong Pao.
She was holding her top grade of Da Hong Pao all pack in a nice beautiful tin container but only consist of 12 packages of 4 gms each work to be average Rm15 per pack. However it was truly good and long lasting brew after 5 times it was still good to the last drop and I could feel my body warming up.
The 1st grade Da Hong Pao pack in two different container, I will visit her restaurant to taste these two grade later and give my report.
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