Thursday, November 24, 2011

Puer Tea Trade Fair 2001

Review on this 7th Puer Tea Trade Fair , it is the same few tea merchants from Klang Valley but it is better than last year and the Yunan tea merchants about 10 do provide some interesting new puer tea products..There is no a singe tea mercaht from other SEA nation, maybe the OC should consider chnaging the trade fair name to Malaysia-China Puer tea trade fair for next year 2012 unless there are tea merchants from other SEA nation participating.

How and base on what type of criteria to select the top 15 puer tea ripe or raw!!!!

Take note of the Tea Cultural Expo 2012.. I hope organize include more tea cultural activities order to live up to the name Tea Cultural Expo.

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Yi Wu Star (Gold)

Already won a gold award in 2007 China, this is the best buy in the trade fair at RM100 per piece..

so don't miss this great opportunity before it is too late SOLD out.

this 2 puer winner attract beautiful ladies...

selling like hot cakes sure can smiles..

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Ripe Brick winner top 15

this ripe brick awarded the top 15 puer tea price affordable for normal daily drinking serving guests etc..

U can get this at Tung Ting Tea Centre...

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SKIP For Tea

this come from Skip For tea , looking at the wrapper must be old puer tea...

Ripe 2001 7572 if not due to time constrain, I would like to test taste this ripe 10 years old to compare different between raw 1o yrs old..

over 30 years liu bao cha RM35 k average per kg 1 k...

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Tea Impression Nan Nuo

Tea Impression Nan Nuo one of the top 15 puer tea in the fair..

You lo another of their raw puer tea..

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Cha No Yu Tea

Cha No Yu well known for starting the first such puer tea trade fair in 2005, get to win 2 awards this time.

7581 brick award winner specail offer RM13 per brick good buy..

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BuFrom Temerloh Pahang

Red shirt buyer come all the way from Temerloh, Pahang state to bargain hunt for raw puer tea, I first met him in 2009, at that time he is just starting only, now a proffessional in raw puer tea investment..

met him again at china tea international booth test TASTING this black liu bao cha..

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Qiu Xiang Tea

Qiu Xiang get award for this puer tea using stone mould to compress..

tea leaves from Bulang Shan the famous tea district where most of the puer are produce..

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Hai O get 2 award for raw puer tea

This is the 2nd award given to Hai O for this 2006..

I will go their outlet in Klang after I retrun from Guangzhou to test taste this 2 winner raw puer wiht all my drinker frens.

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Puer Tea trade Fair 011 Top 15 puer

Hai O raw 2004 recieve this the 7th SEA puer tea trade fair 2011, all in there there a total of 15 such award given out..

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