Thursday, November 24, 2011

Loo See raw 2009

I already bought the Loo See raw 2011 due to the good attractive taste therefore requested to test taste this 2009 to check what the different. Yeo son use the balance sample to brew it for me.

color much thicker n darker than the 2011..Loo See therefore natural fermentation very fast just 2 over years..good Q.leaves

truly live up to it claim coming from a scare mountain tribe puer village and limited many of cakes were produce...this 2009 now selling at RM380, taste really good and smooth like silk knowing it is good investment i decided to buy a few stacks...

2010 loo see raw selling now at RM250...

the Loo See raw 2011 selling at RM180, decided to buy a three together a few stacks each..BUT just too late all SOLD OUT , this teaches me a lesson next time buy immeadiately don't wait for another day..never mind wait for 2012 , 2013 but whether the old trees will produce the same good tea leaves...

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