Monday, November 7, 2011

Macau 99 commemorative Puer Tea

Both the 97 & 99 Hong Kong, Macau commemorative raw puer tea discus not owner not willing to part with it, but luck with me, owner have one piece balance about 200 gm left in which he brew to drink. The color more than enough to convince me that this is going to be a good taste...

it is very smooth, aromatic and the kum taste remain remain in my mouth for long time, i just refuse to swallow it but just use my tongue to play with it for a minutes or two till i can't hold it any longer..

only about 5 gm was use to brew but due to the puer tea discus very hard compress by using metal mould with a force of 3- 5 tons above, after 1st brew the puer tea started to slowly expand by 3rd brew the taste was much much stronger...

front portion of the tea..year 99 and the Mandarin word Macau .

back portion of the tea discus..I ask the owner to sell me the balance but he refuse but I can come anytime to drink with him again.

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