Sunday, September 29, 2013

China town tea shop

Our last stop for Sunday 29th September China town walk about for foods was at the Golden Sea tea shop one of the located at jalan Sultan.

Our first tes tasting was this 2012 Lao tong Zhi , base on the selling price of RM199 per beeng, very mild taste does not provide an char qi but quite smooth... 

our 2nd test taste was this Yong Peng Hao 2012 do provide a sronger taste ut it is not smooth..prcie at RM299..

the current puer tea price for any new raw pue beeng gone up more than 100%, but at time the puer tea grade use for blending are not the good grade...

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Lao Tong Zhi puer tea brick.

This is the first time I come across a bamboo ticket instead of a paper ticket inside a puer tea brick or puer cake. This lao tong zhi puer tea ws bought in early 1990 in Fangcun wholesale tea district guangzhou.

The bamboo ticket clear;y show the words Mandarin Menghai Tea factory.

It was my first trip to Fangcun tea disctrict to visit my nephew in the early 1990, I bought various type of puer tea, the only regret was, I only bought one-two pieces each not by stack, as I just wanted try out each type..

I still remember there are more than 40 pieces all put inside my 26" luggage and also hand carry some tea utensils...

This Lao Tong Zhi give a fragrant herbal taste that linger in the mouth for quite long times, therefore brewing this on Mid Autumn festival night to drink n eat mooncakes was the best.
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Monday, September 2, 2013

BP LAI Puer Tea Collection's

On the 25th August our Puer Tea lunch fellowship was at BP Lai house to brew some of his puer tea in his collection's since 1995. 

There are as many as 30 over stacks of raw puer tea bought since 1995 0nwards mostly from Chinatown tea merchants....

Some of the tea merchant who know him recently asked, if he is willing to sell part of his collection in which some are already estimate to be 18 years old..

I was given the good opportunity to search an select from his stacks for our group drinking but instead of turning up n down the shelf, I just pick 3 raw puer from 3 stacks which are open up n leave those un open out..

His puer tea collection include other type and kind of puer tea...

David busy brewing puer tea for our group to drink...

to be able to test taste brewing n drinking raw puer that are more than 12 years  and given the climate here, 12 years fermentation become at least 16 years..the taste just wonderful from one cup to another cup..

This brick vintage was he bought in the mid 1900 tyhe price was RM300, the tea merchant told him it was 20 yrs over, only one piece...

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Sunday, September 1, 2013