Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tang Ren Tea Art

Tang Ren Tea Art beside the gold award winning raw puerh also selling other ripe puerh tea, a husband n wife enjoying sipping tasting various type of tea.,

I was told tis white dragon taw puerh come once selected ot be given a gift to China Emperor, 3 stacks pirce at RM988.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silver Award Ti kuan Yin

Qiu Xiang tea is the winner of Silver award for their Ti kuan Yin photo YB Theresa Kok with the owner.

Ti Kuan Yin was my favourite tea those younger day in 1970s actually i started drinking Oolong n ti kuan Yin in Taiwan.
My business associates in Taiwan never fail to give bes oolong n ti kaun Yin when ever i am visit Taiwan.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Silver ward PUerh tea

SungFoong tea house won the silver award for puerh tea ( raw) 2010...

For RM100 you get 3 cakes, 2 other puerh tea beside the award winning one... I bought one set for testing to keep till 2020 to see how it under go natural fermentation...

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FungHuang Dacong

SungFoong tea house Mr Chia a teachew as such he sell 3 varieties of Dancong tea from Phoenix Mountain Gaungzhou.

It isalso know as the Teow Chew Kung Fu tea dancong give a good aroma this one of my favourite tea beside puerh when i need a change of taste.

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Chwan Deng Tea Art but i dont see any lantern !!!

Only puerh tea for you to select so buy puerh tea not lantern.. but why the company name assocaite with lantern!!

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RM18 k tea pot just wonder how can a tea pot get this price tag..

This one RM18 k no matter i see it and hold it i still can't figure out why it is rm18k!!!

This one most expensive RM25 k and the belwo tea pot also Rm18k.

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Do It Yourself puerh cake

This is one of the best in the Tea Art Cultural Expo 2011, not a puerh tea drinkers hvae visited a puerh factory to see the manufacturing by compressing lose puerh tea leaves usinga stome mould into cake.

This simplify method very traditional but in factory it is using machineries etc where hundred or thousand compress puerh tea cakes could be produce per day.

I hope to seemore of such traditional tea art being perform in future tea expo, maybe the organzier of this event should consider giving an ward for Ledgend of the Tea.

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Do It Yourself puerh tea cake

A lady customer busy writting on the wrapping paper while her watching, if don't know Mandarin u can use English.

Legend staff good in Chinese calligrahpy art can do it for you but u tell her what words etc..for whom etc.

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D.I.Y puerh tea

There at least 6 choices of raw lose puerh tea for customers to select but one cake one type only.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

D.I..Y Puerh tea

To make one puerh cake yourself you need to select 300-400 gm of lose raw puerh tea of your choice before it is being put inside the steamer to soften it.

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After selecting your raw puerh tea it is put inside this steamer yo soften the raw puerh tea, then wrap it up with a cloth tightly and put underneath one of the stone mould.

Legend of the tea staff will step n rock on the stone mould or you can do it yourself after the staff reaches you how, if you DIY 2 puerh cakes than can let one staff do one and you follow at the same time.

The raw puerh tea lose form after being compress into cake form left to dry first before wrap up with paper with words etc written by yourself.

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