Wednesday, March 24, 2010

KWF tea photos competition

Before Chinese New year I take part in KWF one of the oldest tea wholesaler and retailer photo competition, however there no reply at all when i enquire about the result. maybe due to poor result of only a few entries as such it was cancelled?
This kind of ready to brew and drink tea bag are most suitable for those who want a cup of tea duirng office hour. some company do serve such tea for their visitors as it is so easy to brew, just put one bay in cup and pour hot water that all.
My daughter if I am not brewing my special tea she will put 2 bag in her cup to brew for herself but do expect the taste to be aceptable for veteran tea drinker.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My tea Pots

Small tea pot with fish cover bought in Shenzhen outisde the Cultural Village Park.
Green tea pot with 2 gold fish on the cover bought in Shanghai in 1989 at a tea shop this tea pot was to demonstrate to customer on how to select a good tea pot, the tea boss even step on it with out the cover to show how strong and solid plus float it on a water to proof that a well balance tea will float eenly like a boat.
Most the customers buy this special limited edition design however I decided to buy this demonstration set as it must be specially make for demonstation as such better than other set.
This is a very old tea pot in which i bought it from an old man who brewing tea with it a the roadside stall Guangzhou, he was quite reluctant to sell it to me claiming ti at least 50 yrs old but finally he decided to part with it as he say I value this tea pot more than him.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yin yang tea pot n cups

I decided to start collecting tea pot with Fung Shui function but is not easy to get this set come complete with cups and a tea tray.

The cover with Yin Yang but body with Buddhist verses around 12 years old.
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Stone tea pot

A stone tea pot shape like a pumpkin one of many stone tea pots under my collection of tea pots it is about 22 years.

Born in year of the Pig and my daughter the same I purchase this tea pot when Charmaine was born it should be over 26 years.
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Drinking tea at Canton-i

Canto i dim sum seem to follow the practices of Hong Kong and China offering a choice of tea for customer to select and tea pot ceremic and clay tea pot to brew the tea.
The first thing I check was the menu for the tea but I didn't select any at all becuase it is the poor standard by puting the tea into a big ceremic pot and that all. I ask for a clay tea pot but was told only for display. As dim sum are oily food I need to order Oolong tea or Ti guan Yin that rquire clay tea pot other wise stillcan brew with green tea with ceremic tea pot.
it is quite common to seeopen concept kitchen now a day.
This steam vege dish rm9 all in 7 dim sum however I am still hungry so I need to order fried Udon noodle for 2 person the total bill Rm 92 so this my first time and also the last time as the dim sum not so special after all.
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Fish Maw with thin layer of fun cheong this is best at rm 13
Spring roll with duck meat at rm9 this dish poor as it was over fried as such I need to remove the outside over fried skin.
Taufu skin wrap with ingredeint of prawn and pork with steam with sauce quite ok. cost me rm8.
Siew mai pork and prawn taste ok quite normal as compare to other but cost much more at rm9.
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YUM ChA @ CANTO I restaurant

This is the 2nd restaurant that I come across that offer quite a wide variety of Chinese tea for selection to go with dim sum and other dishes. I dicided to walk in to find out upon see the display of yixing tea pots at the entrance of the Canton -i located at Garden mall ground floor.
Inside next to the open concept kitchen are shelves display of ceremic tea pot and to go with the dim sum i decided to try some dim sum even thought it is very expensive average Rm6- 16 per dim sum.

Mix vege steam at rm8 the taste quite Ok.
This turnip fried cake cost rm6 what you see sem well freid but when you turn over next side it was over freid taste good due to the texture not too soft.
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Monday, March 1, 2010

My tea

Naturally knowing all about restaurants not my standard i bring my own tea along but without my clay tea pot OK I still manage to brew the TASTE i WANTED by only have to call the waiter at least 10 times to add extra hot water ech time I need to brew anew round for all.
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Chinese restaurant tea

China treasures an market restaurant offering dim sum and other chinese dishes located at sime darby convention centre.It is just few of such restaurant that offer a wide range of different type of Chinese tea for it customer to select. This not so in Hong kong and China where most of the restaurants offer a good selection of Chinese tea as YUM CHA mean Drinking tea but not in Malaysia maybe it is Malaysian does not learn know about YUM CHA true meaning.
Dim Sum and other dishes in Chinese restaurants are mostly fried and oily except some steam dim sum but again it is plenty of MGS.
For eating oily freid dim sum etc it is best to YUM good Ti Guan Yin or Oolong tea that will help to wash away all the msg and excess oil. However the set back again is there is no standard or proper method of brewing the tea for customer it is put in ceremic and down with hot water that all.To over come this problem i need to bring my own good tea and tea pot as well and brew it myself but it is troublesome as not many restaurants offer hot water dispenser for customer to use so far only Axian dim sum provided such opportunity for veteran ta drinker like me.
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Display of a wide range of vavrious type of Chinese tea to go with with dim sum or other dishes.
Pu Er tea shown from my own expereince I know it is the normal half fermented pu er or new pu er not the XO pu er.
Tea pots and Ti guan Yin, oolong tea and jsasmine tea.
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