Thursday, March 4, 2010

Drinking tea at Canton-i

Canto i dim sum seem to follow the practices of Hong Kong and China offering a choice of tea for customer to select and tea pot ceremic and clay tea pot to brew the tea.
The first thing I check was the menu for the tea but I didn't select any at all becuase it is the poor standard by puting the tea into a big ceremic pot and that all. I ask for a clay tea pot but was told only for display. As dim sum are oily food I need to order Oolong tea or Ti guan Yin that rquire clay tea pot other wise stillcan brew with green tea with ceremic tea pot.
it is quite common to seeopen concept kitchen now a day.
This steam vege dish rm9 all in 7 dim sum however I am still hungry so I need to order fried Udon noodle for 2 person the total bill Rm 92 so this my first time and also the last time as the dim sum not so special after all.
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