Monday, March 1, 2010

Chinese restaurant tea

China treasures an market restaurant offering dim sum and other chinese dishes located at sime darby convention centre.It is just few of such restaurant that offer a wide range of different type of Chinese tea for it customer to select. This not so in Hong kong and China where most of the restaurants offer a good selection of Chinese tea as YUM CHA mean Drinking tea but not in Malaysia maybe it is Malaysian does not learn know about YUM CHA true meaning.
Dim Sum and other dishes in Chinese restaurants are mostly fried and oily except some steam dim sum but again it is plenty of MGS.
For eating oily freid dim sum etc it is best to YUM good Ti Guan Yin or Oolong tea that will help to wash away all the msg and excess oil. However the set back again is there is no standard or proper method of brewing the tea for customer it is put in ceremic and down with hot water that all.To over come this problem i need to bring my own good tea and tea pot as well and brew it myself but it is troublesome as not many restaurants offer hot water dispenser for customer to use so far only Axian dim sum provided such opportunity for veteran ta drinker like me.
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