Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My tea Pots

Small tea pot with fish cover bought in Shenzhen outisde the Cultural Village Park.
Green tea pot with 2 gold fish on the cover bought in Shanghai in 1989 at a tea shop this tea pot was to demonstrate to customer on how to select a good tea pot, the tea boss even step on it with out the cover to show how strong and solid plus float it on a water to proof that a well balance tea will float eenly like a boat.
Most the customers buy this special limited edition design however I decided to buy this demonstration set as it must be specially make for demonstation as such better than other set.
This is a very old tea pot in which i bought it from an old man who brewing tea with it a the roadside stall Guangzhou, he was quite reluctant to sell it to me claiming ti at least 50 yrs old but finally he decided to part with it as he say I value this tea pot more than him.
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