Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dragon commemorative puer cake

Saw this Tian Fu's retail outlet when passed by at night on day one 26/11, decided to check it out when revisit Shangxiajiuliu pedestrain street on the 29/11/2011. This Tian Fu's tea merchant is one of the 2 Taiwan tea merchant that invested in China on tea rading and retail business.

the manager brew a few of her best raw puer tea for us to taste, but so so only, however she is very good I must admit, when we asked her to brew our sample Zen raw 2007, she refused claiming this raw a few year older and using top quality old trees big leaves, therefore cannot compare with her 2011 raw puer..

I am only interested in this 2 commemorative dragon puer one ripe and raw with a beautiful box...however didn't not buy becuse she refuse to give discount as it it doing retailing business not wholesale plus it is not easy to carry extra boxes like this...

Can anyone tell me which one is ripe and which is raw???

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Long Feng Jing Pin Yuan Bing

Long Feng Jing Pin Yuan Bing ( dragon phoenix round cake)..

05 early spring needle leaves special grade for keeping...

a store behind the shop, there cartons n cartons, boxes of raw puer tea for wholesale purpose..

we manage to search and get 4 type of raw puer that after tasting we buy as investment.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 star Puer Tea

5 star raw puer tea in this box...

fengqing moutain raw 702 using young leaves....

some of puer toucha ....

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Old Old puer cake

2 pices of very old puer cake, the original wrapper already rot into pieces....the first one old tree above 2600 m sea level...

2nd peice need to ask the shop owner but just too busy to disturb her adter all not could expensive...for scuh puer tea here..

all the are type of tea for whole sale etc..

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tibetan Tea

She come from Tibet her tea company have offices in Yunnan, Tibet and Guangzhou in the famous tea wholesaler district Fangcun..

We are being the opportunity to taste a few of the Tibet tea however the old type Sorry no tasting due limited stock and the prices...

all the Tibet tea are in colorful boxes packing..prcies start from rmb 200 above- a few thousand per box estimate 250 gms.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tibetan Puer Tea

This is the only shop dealing with Tibetan puer tea, the Tibetan tea merchants in those ancient days travel by horses to Yunnan to source for puer tea.

tea leaves all from Yunnan some how the taste etc are totally different from other Puer tea this could be due the production etc of the tea totally under the strict foramt of what the Tibetan wanted..she so friendly and attentative and willing to brew us a few of our choices to taste..

the packing totally different so are the taste but the price are highly than the normal puer tea that we drink, we stay here at least an hour the longest in one shop.

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Dragon Well,Oolong,Pi Lo .Da hong,

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Tea Merchants in Fangcun, Guangzhou

This puer tea product of kumming Xi Shang district for a Canton Si Hooi Liu zhu temple..

this 2007 raw 800g tea leaves YiWu thousand years old trees... limited editon, if you want to taste this come join us for tea tasting this Sunday at Sunag Jaya.

Puer clock witn battery...

the tea merchant busy with my frens handling their request etc, so i took over the brewing of tea for tasting...

another tea shop selling only puer tea the owner surname CHONG..

inside Liu bao Cha tea merchants shop..

most of the tea here are 80% are liu bao cha, I was told many Malaysian tea traders buy from her...

David n shou kong sure can aford to smile, after all tasting some of the best old liu bao cha..

this shop[ selling Ti Guan Yin

a tattee puer wholesaler...

the lady inivited me to go inside but I reject lah, so many other shops to time.

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