Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tea Merchants in Fangcun, Guangzhou

This puer tea product of kumming Xi Shang district for a Canton Si Hooi Liu zhu temple..

this 2007 raw 800g tea leaves YiWu thousand years old trees... limited editon, if you want to taste this come join us for tea tasting this Sunday at Sunag Jaya.

Puer clock witn battery...

the tea merchant busy with my frens handling their request etc, so i took over the brewing of tea for tasting...

another tea shop selling only puer tea the owner surname CHONG..

inside Liu bao Cha tea merchants shop..

most of the tea here are 80% are liu bao cha, I was told many Malaysian tea traders buy from her...

David n shou kong sure can aford to smile, after all tasting some of the best old liu bao cha..

this shop[ selling Ti Guan Yin

a tattee puer wholesaler...

the lady inivited me to go inside but I reject lah, so many other shops to time.

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