Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Shang Palace DIM SUM restaurant are operating in all Shangri La Lah hotel, the dim sum serve are 5 star standard living up to the status of the hotel. This waiter just one of the many waiters providing very friendly, good attentative services to customers. From Hong Kong to Gaungzhou all restaurants provide good selection of tea for customers. Those top rated restaurant will brew it for customer etc you don't find this any of Malaysia dim sum restaurant. If they serve tea it is 3rd grade tea and simple pour hot water into a big ceremic pot honestly you drink such tea as they will become bitter if over brew.
Char siew bao was good not too sweet and the char siew plenty for a bite.

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao there is great diffrent in taste from other copy cat, instead of putting it on paper it is in small cup, soup inside make you bite your tongue.
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  1. YUM CHA is Drinking Tea it is like twin YUM CHA n DIM SUM in China when someone say let go to Yum Cha it mean let go to have Dim SUM, So YUM Cha n Dim Sim come together as one but in Malaysia Yum Cha could be going to coffee shop.
    One poor habit of our Malaysia restaurants dim sum was they don't serve good tea to go with dim sum just a pot of poor 3rd grade tea.Even the so call top restaurants do the same,sometime I bring my own tea and tea pot but just too troublesome ask them for hot water again n again to brew my tea.