Friday, December 25, 2009


I inspected Axian dim sum while waiting for Eddy family, advertisement statement attracted my attention " Orgainic Pork, No Beta Agonist, No Antibiotics" Axian should further tell where he get such good ingredients? where is organic vegetables, organic soya sauce, organic seafood all seafood from deep sea are organic not those from fish farm.
This hot water machine was the best to me, as I can brew my own tea with my tea pot,most dim sum restaurant fail to provide this hot water machine hope water being filter with the best system. There 4 machine very convenient for customers and his staffs to brew tea but this monring only one customer use this.
Har Kar my first order base on the poster.
Brew Sinkiang jasmine tea with my own tea pot it is best to go with oily dim sum, knowing quite well dim sum restaurants does use clay tea pot to brew tea but use ceremic tea pot and does not pour the first brew, first brew only to let thetea leaves open up and also to clean the tea leaves.
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