Monday, October 17, 2011

98 raw brcik puer

This raw brick puer tea the taste and aroma still a way to reach the level where veteran tea drinkers will consider buying it...look good nough but somehow lacking that type of taste will attract u to go for the 2nd cup..

The big snow mountain as it is name this raw puer cake 2011 will require at least a few more years for certain level fermemtation before able to give puer drinkers the urge to invest for future drinking..

This according to th tea merchant is a good raw puer as there 2 signatures coming from the puer village head where this puer tea leaves come from in addition to the 2 offcial chops to certofy its Q good.

I love this kind of imagination and creativity of the tea merchant using a stone grinder as tea tray..just wonderful idea to follow.
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