Friday, July 1, 2011

Yiwu vs Keyixing puerh brick tea

BREAKING from Tea Art Cultral Expo review to report my own creation of a new great puerh taste.
YiWu Lao Shu Huang 2009 April limited 8000 pieces , this ripe puerh brick providing a herbal aroma smooth taste the make you very nice and good u finish to the last drop.

Keyixing years of age unknown ( estimate about 10 yrs as the tea leaves very dry) this also give a herbal like aroma n taste but difference from Yiwu..I has been mixing this 2 ripe puerh with other ripe puerh n raw tuocha etc many times but fail to get the taste I wanted n like..

Finally after mixing this 2 together for a few times, yesterday I finally get the right good taste by putting the right amount from each and even my grandson 8 yrs the most shape in tasting puerh tea say it is good finish 6 cups.

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