Monday, July 25, 2011

Tea Art & Cultural Expo 2011 overall reviews

There are only 2 organizer of such tea event in Kuala Lumpur, the 1st one started in 2004 till now and the 2nd organizer only started last year. However this 2nd organizer seem to be better as there are vast improvement as compare to last year, but still a long way to be of international standard like those in China. Last trophy was pewter trophy this year was this poor qulaity trophy beside it does not live up to the name of Tea Expo. Why can't the organizer give an award trophy in the form of a tea pot od some other items related to tea Industry?

The second point, throughout the 10 days tea art cultural expo I don't seem to see any activities or performing of art cultural etc related to tea. In addition all the tea merchants only interested in selling their their tea products etc only one truly promote tea related activites for visitors to participate selecting own loseraw puerh tea and using mould provided to compress into a piece of cake, write on the wrapper your messages etc DIY puerh tea.

There was no cultural dance show etc or any other event on stage that can truly claim that it is a Tea Art Cultural Expo.

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