Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gold award Gong Ding Puer

I consider this gold award winner puer is a good buy to drink and as gift during the comming Moon Cake Festival next month mid September. I found this puer most suitable for drinking when eating the sweet moon cakes etc.
when I brew this at the recent Valley restarant for the group, I receive a total of 3-5 stacks of this gold award puer...

I use my new Zhu Nee clay tea pot to brew drinking at least 4 cups, when Annie shouted to me from the kitchen pizza ready do want a piece. Yes a piece of hot pizza straight from the oven was for me to eat, my surprise was somehow the tea taste much better with a different of aroma created when eating homemade pizza with 5 type of cheese..

Tea leaves color etc after brewing....it is ripe or half ripe puerh... if half ripe that mean keeping it a few more years the taste na roma will be better n better after more undergoing natural fermentation.

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