Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LooSI raw puer

This LooSi raw puer come a remote hamlet in the inner mountainous tea region of Yunan, this tea merchant quite different from other tea merchant. He will spend about 4-6 months per year travelling to such far remote tea region villages to search for rare tea that are not cultivated in big tea estates.

Hence if he ever come across any such good puer tea tees, he will stay to end sure his purchase fully done according. Such small tea estate does not produce many thousands kgs of good tea leaves, for this the total production only 2520 akes of grren puer at 400 gms each

Loosi is the name of a small old ancient hamlet surrounded by mountain with villages panted small volume of tea trees, this puer tea was name after the hamlet. it is only 800 meters by 538 meters the road in make by stone.
I consider this is a master piece of ripe puer due very aromatic taste even it is just a few months and taste very smooth.
Therefore for those interested in investment drinking for the future , this the best choice, provided it is available by now.

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