Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gold award Gong Ting Puer

My order of 6 boxes of the winning the gold award ripe puer tea at the 2007 April 15th, Summit of the China Puer Tea Strategic League Forum, finally arrived in one carton.

One carton contain 6 boxes with 7 pieces, just wonder why it took such a longtime to arrived, maybe after winning the gold award it take time to manufacture, printing the certificate, wrappping paper etc. In additon by sea freight sure cheaper by air freight. All 5 boxes sold out, still not sure whether I should let go the last box or keep it to myself but I can't brew n drink alone.
Moon cake festival sure this going to a good gift instead of gining moon cake, so common..

Below 3 cartons of the Asia Game 2010 Gunagzhou Commenorative raw puer good for future drinking investment etc, total 30 pieces, all sold out, my tea drinker frens will come to my house to collect this weekend or face delivery charges RM50 and one foc lunch.

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