Monday, August 8, 2011

1980s Liu Bao Cha

Sorry for my earlier posting of the 80s Liu Bao actually it is the 30s Liu Bao Cha due clicking the wrong photos, after psoting I realise my mistakes. Now the real 80s Liu bao chat tea leaves before brewing.

Tea broth under the strong light reveal it true transparent color so nice n beautiful n below tea broth photos taken under with out light just hose light coming from outside.

Taste wise it is very good even thought does npt give u the strong kick effect like 30s vintage liu bao but the age n price between the two 10 time RM1500 per kg vs rm10 k per kg.Worthy to buy and drink the best so far base on the same 20 old yrs type of liu bao u just wanted to drink none stop untill the last brew produce taste that was too blant.

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