Monday, August 1, 2011

1930s Vintage Liu Bao Cha

1930s vintage Liu Bao Cha was handle to me last sunday morning 3st july, so surprise it is from an Ipoh puerh freind deliver to me by puerh Robert right to my house. I can't even wait for another second, immeadiately boil mineral water getting ready to taste this over 70 years liu bao cha..

Using boiling points hot hot water with a chawan , I brew about 8 times each time give me 2 cups, first 2 cups i just try to let it stay as long as possible in my mouth enjoying the aroma n kum taste slowly let it sip down my the 3rd cup i can't hold it any longer than a 30 second it was just too beautiful, smooth to drink quickly...

after 6 cups the real effect like drinking red wine with 5% alcohol started, I could feel my body heat up n my heart pumping like a young man...Aaaha so lovely such a long time I didn't get such good feeling as i stop drinking wine n liquor for so long..

vintage liu bao cha tea leaves after the 10 brew the look before was dry after brewing wet with an attraction for u to eat it.. Yes i did eat it a spoon of it taste good the rest use to season a new huang loong shan zhu clay tea pot.
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