Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lunar New year Tea

During lunar new year I will be serving various type of Chinese tea to my family after those heavy reunion dinner and 2nd day of new year lunch. For guests I notice for the past 10 years most of the guests prefer my freshly brew Chinese tea instead of soft drinks or just mineral water.
The smaller cups are for hose guests who haven't drink any Chinese tea or such small being use becuase it is faster for the hot brew tea to cool down so that guests doe not need to wait for more than 3 minutes. If they like it and requested another cup than I will use the bigger cup.
My stock of Chinese tea Pu Er special grade and 1st grade, ti kuan yin, Oolong, Phoenix Tea and chrysanthemum. during chinese new year after eating all those fried cookies etc, guests normally feel better and more alert after drinking chinese tea.
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