Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pu Er Tea Merchant

Siew Lim trying very hard to learn how she brew puer tea wihtou even looking at it...

Margaret mus tbe enjoying the tea story told by Shin Yi while Shou kong eager to test drink the puer tea...

I like this tea table crave out from solid tree trunk root all in one piece.

For those who are in puer investment for future drinking or for future profit, these Jiang Zhan Hao Puer Tea Mercahnt own brand name after a small tea district in Yunan highland region above sea level could be a good choice...

This is due to China Goverment already stop allowing any puer tea to be name after a place.. therefore you can say this Jiang Zhan Hao brand will be no more on the self of tea shops...should a good collecting raw puer tea..

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