Monday, July 29, 2013

Tea Pot master Yeow Chung Zhi

Buying his tea pot n just keep it in the box n store away without using it , could be waste of his master piece creation according to him. Tea pot are not dead like other ceramic tea pot, using Yixing clay or other top grade clay tea pot are alive it can breath n asorb all the minerals when brewing tea inside. By rubbing n cleaning the outside surface the tea pot will become shinning n smooth.. 

I personally come across many keen tea pots collective with so many tea pots that they store it away in cupboard, some not even being use for one time to brew tea...such tea pot after years will become death as there are totally no reaction at all  and the reaction n seasoning can only done when brewing tea...

For tea pot collectors with too many tea pot the only way to keep the tea pots in good condition is to at least once a month soak it in hot water and then cool in water, this should enable tea pot to asorb the heat n cold as such seasoning the tea pot when using it, other wise a long time store away tea pot for years, the clay without water will too dry n when use it possible it will crack.. 


Best to use good quality tea broth for the soaking of tea pots n cleaning instead of just water, after all after spending so much on such tea pot by a master.

For those with such expensive tea pots in their collection, it is best to rotate using at least one tea pot per day to brew tea...


I ws givne to understand by Master Yeow on the last day of Tea Expo all his teapots sold out just within  a few days, on the last day the cupboard display nothing all the his 9 master peice of art all sold out. 

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