Monday, November 9, 2009

3000 years of tea written record.

1.Tang dynasty tea written record.

Written record of tea was from Tang dynasty, it was also in Tang dynasty the Chinese character tea leaves was written. It slowly changes the character till modern time and remain as what is written to-day.
Before Tang dynasty tea was brew with other ingredients this brewing method lose the tea original flavour etc. During Tang dynasty tea leaves was crushed before brewing which resulted in getting the real taste of tea leaves.

2. Song Dynasty.

In Song Dynasty the curing technique was used before placing pot before boiling water poured into it. The pot retain the the flavour and the heat brought out all the distinctive taste and goodness of tea leaves.

3. Yuan and Ming Dynasty.

In Yuan and Min dynasty tea leaves was use directly for brewing after curling etc

4. Qing Dynasty.

Qing dynasty onwards tea was brew in clay teapots which continue to day. however over hundred of years development the tea pots, ta tray and other utensil for the brewing of tea was invented. YiXING ( purple clay) was found to be best for the making of tea pots.
Other tea pots like ceremic,

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