Monday, November 16, 2009

ASIA SEX SERVICE part 1. (Southern Thailand )

Some of the nations in Asia are well known to be a haven for sex hunters from all over the world. Having encounter such sex service throughout Asia due to my business in the tourism sector for the past over 35 years, I decided that after retire from tourism industry. It is time for me to tell all that I encounter for the benefits of women who husband travel frequently to such Asia countries for business etc.

I will start with the most famous country Thailand. It is well known throughout the world of tourism for 4 S.S.S.S which represent Shopping, Sand, Sea and the final S the most attractive for men. Starting from border town town GOLOK in Kelantan, Haadyat border town Padang Besar, Phuket and Koh Samui Island all in Southern Thailand. Bangkok city, Pattaya and Chiangmai.

1. Sungei Golok town near Malaysia border town of Rantau Pajang from Kota Bharu by taxi about 1 hour. Once cross the border immigration check point you next face to face with Thai immigration. Here corruption is fix like Thai government approval they collect from each tourists standard fees of RM$5 in 1980 now maybe increase.
After immigration to meet you are taxi bikes all waiting ready to take you to town just about 10 minute. Wait it is not that straight forward as you think going straight to town check in a 3 or 2 star hotel and then walk around the town visiting all the sex houses to select your bird.
There are 10 of us going there for the first time after knowing about this place since our company meeting in Kota Bahru over and we free to explore this famous town. Just after 5 minute all the taxi bike took us to a sex house and we all the GAL parade in front of us, however none of us select as we wanted to see more us when in town. We are wrong when none of us select any gal they just took us to the next house and so on. Finally I told my party if none of select any we may not be able to reach the town by nigh fall, why not three us just select 3 first otherwise they are not going to let go for sure.
I started to select one and 2 other follow me and I make a request to go to town and all the 10 bikes sent our party to check in at hotel as given by us. they told us to wait for just 10 minutes and our selection will arrive, right on dot our selected gals arrived at our hotel.
We went around checking a few sex house all located walking distance in this small town with about ten street but there are more hotels than in Kuala Lumpur but many TeoChiu restaurants. Here most of the men tourists who already have a gal will taken to the restaurants for lunch and walking the town with their gal it is nothing here. In fact the town business community respect this gal as it is their sex service that draw the men to this town. There are women tourists mostly from Kelantan and Tregganu states coming here for their shopping.
Without the Gals services what will happen to this town?
Here is is straight forward sex trade no massage parlour, body massage etc as compare to Haadyat, Bangkok etc.

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