Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tea Pot, Tea Tray

This a big tea pot which use for display as it is too big to brew Chinese tea of 5 litres. If I could gather at least 10 -15 tea drinkers together maybe with their assistant I could try to use to brew tea. However I msut do accurate caculation on the actual amount of tea leaves that need to put into such big tea pot to brew, other wise all will be wasted.
This is my best collection of tea tray, it is crave from a piece ofcolor stone by master before he die. There are 7 cows, water lily the weight estimate at 30 Kgs and require 2 person to carry. I spotted this stome tray in far remote village shop in China where it is famous for stone craving etc actaully it was use as copy piece for other skill cravers to re-produce since the master 75 years passed away a few months.
I beg the son to sell it to me as I am from overseas and finally he agree when I offerthe price of USD300 but my over weight cost me more than RM600. After more than 15 years I have yet to see another piece in Malaysia or even during my numerous trips to China as I never fail to visit tea shops to select tea etc.
I like this ceremic tea tray as it is easy to clean as compare to those tea tray make from wood and bamboo. However ceremic tea pot are good fro brewing green tea or tea with good aroma smell. In additon it is lasting unless you break it.
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