Sunday, January 3, 2010

5th Malaysia Puer Tea Trade Fair

Entering it 5th year Malaysia Puer tea rade fair there more local tea merchants now and good to have tea merchants from China and one western tea master a speaker. I hope next trade year trade fair there will be more foreign participants to provide a wider vareity of choices of tea, tea porducts etc. Comapre to China every year there many tea exhibition where there are few thousand participants plus a whole range of tea & product etc.
Mei Lin owner of CHA-NO Yu tea sdn bhd is the founder and organizer of the trade fair www.teacultural her boths quote busy with many customers as such no opportunity to interview her to get more information but will visit her at her shop later.
A stove was use for boiling water to brew tea for customers, this is the best way do to it as comapre to the quicj and easy method of using electric kettle.
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