Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cha No Yu Tea

Cha No Yu started the 1st Puer Tea Trade Fair in 2004 at the former UE3 mall, now known as ViVa mall, I remmber it was a very puer tea fair with only a few China puer tea merchants but a that time puer tea still not as popular as yet compare to currently.

This 8th Puer tea trade fair they proudly showcase their prize new puer tea name as Tai Chi Yuan, so I requested for a test taste with some of the cusotmers.. 

This Tai Chi Yuan raw puer was the works of Taiwan famous puertea master teng Sze Hai, as such should be a good investment for those who wanted his creation as a collection...

At the Cha No Yu the only other puer I test tasted was this Choong Cha brand seven son 8581, for those who are interested can go to the fair by this 18th November the last day..

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