Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Puer Tea Trade Fair 2012

Lesson number one, never go to eat the famous Balakong Yong Tau Foo those good old days, those old days it sell Yong Tau Foo only, now it is selling more than 50 type of other dishes, the yong tau foo taste like shit...there 2 Leong Ya YTF all run by the same family bros n sisters...

After the horrible Yong Tau Foo lunch, we use the short cut tunnel to go the MIECC, suppose to take 5 minutes but due to public holidays great trafic jam, it took us more than an hour..Lesson 2 never go to such trade fair during public holidays, if go go early...B4 the jam start.

However at the fair we are entertain to puer tea tasting by those eager tea merchants.

Shou Kong must be enjoying his cup of RM500 per 1 kg old liu bao cha..

We test tasted 2 puer tea at the Legend of the Tea which was located inside the book fair hall... 

Lai our great puer collector checking up with the GSA for those popular brand about the new wrapping packaging etc, he had quite a number of stacks of this practicuar brand 2001-2005, sure happy as the prices now higher...

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